When you decide to take that step and have your GTO restored, where you go makes all the difference.

Custom Classic GTO has been in the restoration business for close to 20 years.  Whether you are looking for a frame-off show quality restoration or every day driver quality, whatever your budget, let us handle your'll see the difference.

During the restoration process, we photograph and email you progression pictures to document each step. When your car is complete, we compile these pictures into a cd format for you to keep.  This becomes an important tool if you ever decide to show or sell your car because where and how your GTO was restored can increase it's value. 

Let the mechanic that takes care of your SUV do what he does best.  We specialize in GTO restorations and we know every year, inside and out.  It's what we do and why we've been the leader in Pontiac GTO sales/consulting and restorations.  The national recognition we receive for the quality work we do makes all the difference.

This is a 65 convertible that is being restored according to the new owners wishes................................. 
























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