*Disclosure: While it is certainly our objective to provide each customer with goods & services he/she will be happy with, there are certain implications that connect with the industry standard when purchasing & selling used & antique automobiles. Such statements as “as is”, “where is”, “no warranties, guarantees, or representations”, are expected to be understood. While we have the utmost desire to uphold a reputation that has been nearly 17 years in the making, it is expected that there will be the occasional disgruntled customer. It is our hope that the customer ask what questions he/she feels appropriate and does what research is necessary to feel comfortable & secure with their purchase. The age, antiquity, nostalgia, and era in which these cars were built certainly are what compels most of us to consider purchasing these vehicles; it is by the same devices that these cars have inherent limitations, faults, imperfections, as does each individual car have likewise. Although it is generally expected that a more expensive car should be in better condition than a less expensive one, there are other factors such as “rareness”, “supply & demand”, “limited production”, “desirability”, and a host of ambiguous and intangible aspects that affect the value of any one car. It is with these thoughts in mind that we ask the customer to be responsible for their own decisions, questions, research and actions when purchasing a classic car or obtaining services. 
In our role as consultants, we will provide as much information as we possibly can with regard to each service that we supply, however, the ultimate responsibility is that of the customer.  Ultimately each car is “as is”, “where is”, “with no warranties, guarantees, or representations” other than what is contracted. 
Jurisdiction and venue of each sale is Doylestown, PA. Custom Classic Automotive of Florida, Inc. (CCAF), its owners and/or operators assume no responsibility for any loss(es) and/or claim(s) having to do with, including but not limited to, ownership, operation, sale, resale, brokerage, consignment, assembly, safety, transportation, storage, condition, originality, value, loss or damage, having to do with any car(s), sale(s), and/or service(s) but not limited to such. CCAF its owners and/or operators are also not responsible for any loss or damage to any property, life, or limb, including but not limited to any loss of funds for any reason having to do with all said car(s), service(s), sale(s), but not limited to such, other than what is contracted. CCAF is not responsible for transportation fees, sales tax, tags, insurance, registration, or any other applicable fees to each car. CCAF recommends each owner to insure their car to the proper limits, while in CCAF’s possession, during transport, and there after. We believe in honesty, integrity & taking responsibility for your own actions, therefore, any cancelled checks, misrepresentation of funds, malicious prosecution, defamation of character to CCAF and/or its name to any individual, establishment, and/or publication shall be met with prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.
**Disclaimer:  We are not responsible for clerical or photographical errors.


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