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Is your GTO a Gem?  Does it have Rare Options?  How many were built that year? Knowing can make all the difference...........

Custom Classic offers you a professional appraisal for your GTO. A valuable tool for selling your car, showing your car or insuring your car, we will provide you with the following;

Full PHS documentation

Value Appraisal letter which will include your cars history, production numbers for your year and model, explanation of options and any other factors that determine your cars value, etc.

A professional package mailed to you containing a quality video CD with all the above information and all pictures you supply of your car and all printed material.

A one week or less turn around is guaranteed - with a RUSH service available for an additional $20.

Cost for appraisal service - $275.00

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Sample Appraisal


August 28, 2006

Owner: John Doe

201 Main Street

Any Town, USA

1970 GTO Convertible, 455 HO

VIN# 242670P12XXXX 

Description: This is an extremely rare car. In 1970 GM made 241, 455 convertibles with automatic transmission. Considering this ultra-rare color combination combined with the 455 and automatic on the column, this is probably the only one of its kind ever made.

This car was produced in Pontiac, Michigan in early October of 1969. It was delivered to A.C. Morris Garage Dealership in Pleasantville, West Virginia on October 14, 1969.

The car came from the factory with the following options;

455 HO which produced 510 lbs of torque and was rated at 360 H.P. but actually produced far more/ posi traction/ push button radio/ remote controlled side mirror/ custom sport steering wheel/ Rally gauge cluster/ in dash tach/ power disc brakes/ front and rear floor mats/ Ram Air (which is extremely rare and there were only believed to be three such convertibles with the 455)/ door edge guards/ automatic transmission w/o console/ 14" white walled tires/ 14" Rally II wheels/ drivers side vanity visor mirror/ stereo 8 track tape deck/ tinted glass and windshield/ special heavy duty springs, ride and handling package/ special order high output air cleaner with 4 bbl carburetor.


Motor; 455 high output 4bbl. (L75 option), original

Axle; R code 3:07, original

Engine Code; YA, original

Carburetor; 4 bbl, serial # WA7040270, original

Transmission; Automatic, turbo hydra-matic, Code PD or PR (Ram Air/ L75 only), original

Mileage; 95,000, original

Exterior Color; Burgundy/ 78N code, original

Interior Color; Red/ Code 254, original

Power Top Color; Black/ Code 2, original

Wheels; Rally II’s (5) including spare, 14 x 6 ½ JL Code

Current Condition; Number one conditionCondition:

This car’s ownership originated in West Virginia and accumulated 95,000 original miles before restoration. The car was parked in 1976 and has not been registered since. It has had two owners and the new owner possesses the original build sheet, which was found under the seat, and a copy of the original title. The car was found in 100% original condition, including paint and interior. It has since undergone an extensive and complete frame-off rotisserie restoration with no bolt left unturned. The restoration appears to be of a concours, National Show quality level. Over $100,000 was invested in the restoration of this car. The car is fully documented, complete with PHS (Pontiac Historical Services) documentation and original build sheet. This is a numbers matching car and is currently in number one condition.

The restoration process of this car has been well documented. The restoration is of excellent quality and the car looks outstanding.

Value Discussion:The 1970 H.O 455 convertible is a rare car indeed. GM initially developed the 455 because of its ability to run multiple power options within the car, yet still maintain a consistent level of performance while driving simultaneously. The 455 engine is known for its raw power yet smooth acceleration and superb dependability. The 455 H.O. option # 344, was an approximate $50 upgrade in the 1970 model, but is worth dividends. The unique and beautiful color combination of this particular car combined with the extremely rare and desirable Ram Air option catapults this car into an elite division of collectible ness.

Furthermore, considering the skyrocketing cost of restoration materials and labor, with this car being restored to such high standard, it considerably and further raises its value.

Finally, the all important fact that this car is all original and has so much of its documentation and authenticity also enhances its value and desirability. This car is a very rare, valuable and important example of American Muscle Car history.

*In consideration of all the above information, documentation as provided by the owner and with consideration to previously sold similar cars, we appraise and value this car at approximately $000,000 to $000,000.Disclosure:

Custom Classic Automotive of Florida, Inc., its owners and or operators assume no liability for varying value appraisals, changing values, market changes, condition of car or any other factor which may affect the value of said car or any losses or damages that may be associated with such. Custom Classics, its owners or operators, do not guarantee any final sales price for said car.

Information and value assessment of said car are based on facts provided by owner, sales price of previous similar cars and other pertinent information given to Custom Classics as well as sales experience by Custom Classics.



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