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Year: 1967
Model: Firebird
Price: Call for Price


V-8 326 Original motor Automatic Buckets Tilt Power steering Power brakes Tint Console Folding rear seat Push button Radio with Manual Antenna We purchased this car as a repossession from a storage facility. We have been dealing with Pontiacs for over 25 years. The car cleaned up very well. The paint cleaned up well. The stainless cleaned up well and we also cleaned the interior seats and door panels with 409 and they look good. The front door panels are actually brand new. The carpet needs to be replaced as it is badly faded and is a little frayed and worn on the drivers’ side. Here is the good and bad; Car starts up every time first crank. We just tuned up the car, put a new battery in, flushed it, took it for a test drive and checked it out. Windshield has small crack I believe the U-joint on the drive shaft needs to be replaced because when you put it in reverse, it vibrates and shutters a bit. The motor seems to run great. Tires are good. Front lights work. Rear taillights work off and on but I think there is a bad ground and one of the harness is missing bulbs going into the tail light lens so that would explain that. The horn is not working right now. Some minor bubbling in very limited areas. Sub-frame is super clean. Shock towers have some corrosion starting around them but are not terrible. Driver side floorboard can use a patch. Underneath the rear wheel wells, connecting the quarters to the wheel tubs have some decay underneath that is not visible, but you can feel it when you put your hand under the wheel tub. It's not in the 1/4 just where the 1/4 and the tub connect, underneath. Of course, repairable and not big issue. There is a small amount of rust in the passenger, rear bottom 1/4 edge where the wheel lip is, for about 3 inches long, by 1/2 inch wide or so. It's not totally missing, just a little bit crunchy, but can easily be repaired. The doors appear to be rust free with some minor bubbling under the paint, just in a few small, minor areas. The fenders are great. The trunk and hood is great. The body is very good.. The trunk pan is very good.. There is some decay starting around the shock towers, but they are still in tact. The trunk pan has been cleaned and re-splatter painted with the factory paint and looks great and fresh. This car is truly in exceptional condition considering the year and the usual rust that accompanies these cars. Usually these cars are rusting to pieces. This car is not and has been preserved pretty well. Headliner has some staining and carpet is old, however, new carpet will come with the car and we will install it, if it does not sell by the time we get around to it. Floor mats will be included. Dash is in good condition. Gauges are in good condition. Console is in tact and I have repainted it and it looks great. We cleaned the seat belts and we cleaned the door panels and seats with 409 and they look good, except for the split in the driver seat that needs repair. The front door panels are brand new and this was a factory deluxe interior. The tilt works excellent. The car steers and brakes great. There does not appear to be any fluid leaking from underneath the car. Although the car does run good, it could probably stand to have a new set of plug wires and the gas in the tank is somewhat old. The car shows 56,000 miles, believed to be original. We even have some original receipts that came with the car, in the glove box. The original radio is in the car, but not connected. The antenna is in the trunk. The original Rally II wheels have been sanded, primed and painted back to their original, two-toned paint. New lug nuts have been installed with the lug nut lock on each wheel. The center caps are in excellent condition, as are the trim rings. Underneath the hood is fairly clean. We have the original build sheet. We found it when we took out the rear seat. The rear seat also folds down perfectly like it should. It is a fold down rear seat from the factory acting as a "hatch-back" type of option. We are ordering new carpet and if it comes in before the car sells, it will be installed in the car. If not, the carpet will come with the car to be installed by the new owner. We also took the seat belts out of the car when we cleaned the interior and we cleaned and scrubbed the original seat belts, which came out great. We did not bolt them back in because the new carpet needs to be installed, so if we get around to installing the new carpet, we will also bolt the belts back in. This is an original Fathom Blue, Parchment interior, tilt column car. Exterior color is E=Fathom Blue Interior color is 254=Parchment We also cleaned and degreased the engine compartment and did some detailing which included, painting the front wheel tubs, front core support and engine block, back to their original colors. In summary, this is an original, unmolested, unchanged car with a decent paint job and interior that needs some TLC. It is an original V-8 326 car. The 67 Firebirds are very hard to find in unmolested condition. Note: We purchased the car from the storage unit and had to go through the court to apply for a title in order to protect the new owners from the previous owner claiming possession. Free and clear title guaranteed. This will be a proper Pennsylvania title and NOT a reconstruction title,



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