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Year: 1970
Model: GTO - SOLD! SOLD!! SOLD!!!
Price: Call for Price

NOTE: I've had this car advertised previously, not completed.  Car is done with accurate pictures and descriptions and all defecits prevously noted corrected.  The car is as follows:

1970 Atol blue factory Judge striped car.  It is not a Judge,  the Judge stripe option is on the build sheet - ordered like that, documented by PHS. It’s very rare as is the factory color combination. Car has a correct 1970 YS block, which is indicated on the build sheet.

Additionally, the car came with factory air conditioning, which we have the a/c bracket for. It appears that everything but the compressor, condenser, POA valve, expansion valve, and one of the brackets is there.

The car has power steering, power disc brakes, brand new PMD center caps, console, buckets, factory floor mats, factory wood steering wheel, hood tach, rear spoiler, Judge stripe option, automatic on the floor, seat belts, after market am/fm radio, factory clock, factory color combination. The car is powerful, runs well, is very quick and shifts great.  It’s got a great tone to the exhaust and the engine was previously rebuilt with no known defects.

Under the hood has been cleaned and the block has been repainted to factory color. It has new Factory valve covers, brand new factory dual snorkel air cleaner and chrome cover. Core support area and firewall are clean and straight with a matte black finish. Not National show quality, but again, respectable in my opinion.

The trunk has been cleaned, correctly splatter painted with new trunk mat/ tire cover.  Rally II Wheels were repainted  and are decent. The lug nuts, center caps are brand new. Rear bumper is original and  is in very good condition.

The interior is beautiful and all brand new, color combination atoll blue paint and blue metallic interior is stunning. Again, everything in the interior including the sil plates, window cranks, etc., are all brand new. The seat foam and springs have all been replaced and I can not stress enough how beautiful the interior is and how gorgeous the color combo is. The dash has been redone as well.  All weather stripping has been replaced. The car sounds strong and healthy.


The paint job was about $6,000 or $7,000,  which included some body work. It is not perfect but looks very shiny and new. The color and metallic are gorgeous. There are some minor imperfections in the paint and there are a few dings here and there that weren’t addressed prior to paint. A couple on the hood and on a body panel or two. Over all, from five feet away, the paint looks beautiful, but up close you can see some small imperfections. There is some shrinkage in a couple of areas in very small sizes. Nothing to get excited about. The rear bumper is original and has some hazing to it, but is basically dent free. The car is beautiful and the stripes are eye-popping and extremely pleasing and attractive. One of the stripes has a slight nick in it. The nose has a few very minor imperfections, but again, nothing to get up in arms about. The front bumper alignment is not perfect, but they weren’t from the factory either.  The headlight bezels are new, the door handles are new. The rocker panels are new and so are the clips. The glass is very decent. The underside of the car is average.  The frame is good. There are about two areas in the floor pans that were patched. They are not great patches, but it’s not a “Flintstone” mobile either where your feet would go through the floorboards.  Its’ clean and safe. 

My research indicates that if this car was done to a Show quality standard it would be worth approximately $50,000 to $70,000 because of its rare color combination and Judge strip option. This car is very reasonably priced and would be a perfect car to take to some shows and drive around and have fun with. The car is beautiful and it is what it is. The tires are good and again, it will get plenty of looks. This is not to say that this car won’t win some shows, but it’s not going to win the Pebble Beach or Pontiac Nationals.  It will compete and do well in local shows and regional shows.  It’s not perfect but it is a nice car and looks great as you can see for yourself.  I have owned several National Show Quality and show winning cars that have had hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in them. This is why I am clarifying the difference.  For the price this car is worth every penny and more.  If anything, I may be downplaying the car to avoid any disappointments.  I like the car and I don’t think it will bring many surprises or disappointments as I feel it is as described.

Clear title. No liens. Again, this is not a National show car and you may find a thing or two as you go along to tinker or have fun with and improve the car. But, overall, it will suit the purpose and it is a very nice looking car. I’ve tried to be as honest as I could with the description to the best of my knowledge. If you have any questions, please ask.  I’m not going to give this car away but money talks and BS walks.  Thank you.






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